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Tips & Safety: The Pause Box

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

While the pause box, or pause table, might not be the most exciting obstacle to view during an agility course, it just might be the most practical obstacle for everyday life. Follow the steps below to teach your dog how to master the pause box!

You don't work for free, and your dog shouldn't either. Make sure you have some of their favorite treats or toys before you begin training!

Helpful steps for teaching your dog to use the pause box:

  1. First things first, allow your dog to get used to how the pause box looks fully assembled. Make sure they are comfortable being around it.

  2. Guide your dog to the pause box and place them in a sit (or down) and stay.

  3. Your dog needs to be able to stay in the pause box for 5 full seconds before you release them.

  4. Continue to guide them in to the pause box with the sit/stay several times before you add a verbal cue (such as "place")

  5. Be sure to make it fun! Add in treats and/or toys for a reward, and keep the sessions short + sweet.


As always, you should make sure your dog is in good physical health before beginning any agility training. You should make sure that the pause box is on a safe & stable surface, such as grass or turf.

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