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Tips & Safety: Agility Tunnels

My dog's FAVORITE agility obstacle to do is the tunnel. In fact, I hear lots of our customers say that the dogs will do it all on their own just because it is fun for them. Follow the steps below to teach your dog how to love the tunnel!

You don't work for free, and your dog shouldn't either. Make sure you have some of their favorite treats or toys before you begin training!

Helpful steps for teaching your dog to go through an agility tunnel:

  1. First things first, allow your dog to get used to how the tunnel looks fully assembled. Make sure they are comfortable being around it.

  2. Keep the tunnel in a straight position and shorten the length to ~ 5 feet so they can easily see through it.

  3. Put your dog in a sit/stay at one end of the tunnel and stand at the other end.

  4. Call your dog through the tunnel to yourself - make sure you have a treat waiting for them!

  5. Once you have successfully gotten them through the tunnel, you can begin adding a verbal cue (such as tunnel!).


As always, you should make sure your dog is in good physical health before beginning any agility training. You should make sure that the tunnel is stable so it does not move around too much as your dog gets comfortable and starts to move through it more quickly. Our agility tunnel sandbags are a great tool to have on hand - you can use them to secure your tunnel indoors or outdoors!

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