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5 Winter Activities for You and Your Dog

Updated: Feb 21

With most of the United States currently experiencing major winter weather, it seemed like a great time to talk about different activities you can do with your dog in the wintertime. Here are our five tips:

Make meal time in to game time.

Try freezing Kongs with kibble, scatter-feeding, or using a snuffle mat to make meal time more interesting for your dog. When your dog uses their brain, it wears them out just like going for a walk does!

Learn some new tricks.

Use the extra time inside to teach your dog some new tricks. My personal favorites are Whisper, Hide 'n' Seek, and Wave.

Does your dog love to swim?

We love visiting our local indoor doggie pool to spend some time swimming and fetching in the water! It's a nice way to feel like you're at the beach while staying warm.

Take a training and/or socialization visit to a pet-friendly store.

Teaching your dog to focus on your in a distracting setting is a great way to spend some time on a chilly afternoon!

Bundle up & take a hike.

If you like to avoid crowds, then bundling up to take a hike might be for you. There's usually less crowds in the wintertime, which means more peace & stillness to enjoy.

What are your favorite winter activities with your dog?

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